Meet the Meego
These kooky, volcano-dwelling villagers need your help!

Living in the crater of an active volcano isn't easy. But fuelled by a powerful magic called Mojo, the Meego can do incredible things.

Ready to get sucked into a weird world of lush graphics, zany music, and highly-addictive gameplay?

Awesome features
  • Nurture each of your one-of-a-kind Meego to help them get better at special jobs!
  • Make baby Meego who look like their parents and inherit their skill sets!
  • Watch your Meego grow from babies to adults!
  • Build your village with quirky shops and yummy food stands
  • Launch Meego into the air and travel to your friends' villages!
  • Craft hilarious accessories at the Twitch Doctor
  • Collect rare birthstones by strategically breeding villagers
  • Unlock bonuses by satisfying the moody temple god, Graven